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Are you ready to turn your advertising from a guessing game into a Proven equation?

I started my journey as a college drop out with a camera. I took seven years to learn how to use a camera in a way that was valuable in the marketplace. Once I finally figured out how to use my set of skills I had to find a way to communicate these skills.

It was one thing to shoot cool videos for business owners, but if my efforts didn’t result in tangible results then my hard work would look like a bad investment. So I found people that were smarter than me and they helped me build a system around video that actually got results. 

My team and I have assisted in getting three separate politicians elected, we’ve put a new face to a TOP 100 franchise, and we’ve grown sales for numerous brick and mortar businesses and individuals that are selling courses. 

We’ve created and perfected a system and now I am here to share It with the world.

What You Will Learn:

You Don't Have To Be An Expert

There are many applications for this system.

You don’t have to be an agency for this to make sense for you. The world is changing before our eyes, and you need to know how to make money online. If you only know how to trade your time for money, the future will be a scary place for you.

This Works Best For

This series takes the Fundamental Principles of Advertising and converts them into our present day mediums. There’s nothing new under the sun, I did not create the wheel, I’ve just adapted It.

This Is Vol. 1

Take The Journey With Me

This is me telling you the system that got me from $0 in sales to my first multiple six-figure year. I’m taking a deep dive and talking more about the principles. Those are everlasting.

Vol. 2 Coming Soon

Stay Tuned For The Next Iteration

Once my business crosses the seven-figure line, I will share Vol. 2 with the world. In the meantime, I want to see all of you implement Vol. 1 and watch your business grow. That way, when I drop Vol. 2, you’ll be in the best position possible to experience exponential growth.

I'm No "guru"

I'm just a young black man who has found success doing what I love.

I want to develop a tribe of people who learn to sell products, services, and ideas online. I want to see my people free and living life on their own terms. I want to give you a way to trade more than just your time for money; you can trade your creativity as well. 
I love all of you, and I want to see you grow. I can’t wait to see you on the other side. Stay tuned for my VIP group and all other things that I will be creating for you.  

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